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Deborah Edmondson
Deborah Edmondson, Central Desktop
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Grantseeking Activities Start to Stabilize, According to New Report

 Fairbanks, AK and Washington, DC – Grantseeking and related activities in the U.S. are on the rise, though not increasing enough to return to pre-recession levels, according to the findings of a recent survey on the state of grantseeking recently conducted by GrantStation and PhilanTech.

The State of Grantseeking 2011 is the second semi-annual informal survey of nonprofits conducted by GrantStation and PhilanTech. Between mid-January and early March 2011, GrantStation and PhilanTech invited nonprofit organizations throughout the country to participate in an online survey to help determine the present state of grantseeking.


“With well over 800 respondents representing nonprofits of different sizes and issue areas nationwide, these survey results provide a sense of the current trends in grantseeking and begin to shed light on the challenges nonprofit organizations face as we move into the second quarter of 2011,” said Cynthia Adams, CEO of GrantStation.

“There were a number of other interesting findings from the survey,” said Dahna Goldstein, Founder of PhilanTech, “but the issue that really stands out to me is that many nonprofits are starting to see their grantseeking activities – and the results of those activities – stabilize.”

Other findings from the survey included:

  • Mid-sized organizations relied the most on grant awards as a steady source of revenue.
  • Government grants make up the bulk of the funds awarded, but private funders continue to play a significant role.
  • Grant writing consumes an inordinate amount of staff time, with many organizations using word processing and spreadsheet programs for these often repetitive tasks.

The survey was open from January 17, 2011 until March 2, 2011, and received 867 complete responses. While nonprofit organizations of all sizes responded to the survey, the majority could be considered small to mid-sized organizations:

  • One third (34%) had one to five staff members.
  • Over half (59%) had budgets under $1,000,000.

“This survey and the corresponding report were intended to present a ground level look at the state of grantseeking,” said Ms. Adams. “Dahna and I are hosting a webinar on May 18th to discuss the findings of the survey and how GrantStation and PhilanTech’s tools can help address one of the key issues uncovered in the survey – the amount of staff time spent on grantseeking activities. We invite those who are interested in learning a little more about the state of grantseeking in the U.S. to join us.”

To download the full State of Grantseeking report click here.

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